Thursday, October 1, 2009

Padang's Earthquake 7.6 RS

An earthquake measuring 7.6 on the richter scale shook the region of West Sumatra (West Sumatra), Indonesia on Wednesday evening. People are trapped, hotels, schools, houses have collapsed and electricity has been cut off. At least 75 people were confirmed dead after hospitals and hotels crumbled, and as fires raged in the coastal city of Padang, home to nearly a million people, in that earthquake.

Please, help them with your pray or give donation to earthquake victims at:

Yayasan Buddha Tzu Chi Indonesia

Bank: Bank Central Asia (BCA)
Account Number:
IDR: 865-011-6969
USD: 335-500-6969

If you want your donation used to be specific like this earthquake donation, give messege like: donation for earthquake padang, west sumatra.

After transfering, please give your transfer confirmation with:
Transfer date:
(Internet Banking, ATM, etc)
Account Name:
Send this information above to our e-mail at: atau
Thank you for your kindness.

May all beings free from suffering.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

How makes people find your blog?

Most people makes blog but never thought about bring blog reader to their blog. Some of them only give their blog link/ url to their friends or put it on their profile at community sites like friendster or facebook.We can also put our blog link at our status at instant messenger like yahoo or msn. But it's limited to our friends or other people that we know. How to make other people that even we don't know to our blog?

Mostly people use yahoo or google to search info they want to know. If you want to make people come to your blog, the first thing is content of your blog need to match with information they want to know. People who search about how to care a baby won't come to my blog since I never write about it. But people who want to know information about Bali will could come to my blog if I write about it. So, the most important thing is compatibility with what they search and what they will find in your blog.

Other tips is how to make they found your site on google or yahoo search result page. Most people who use search engine only search site which show at 1-3 pages at search engine result pages before they changing their keywords. So you need to know how to make your blog show at 1-3 result page at any search engine. How to make your blog like that? that's another story... 

But the most important is write a good thing at your blog. If it's good, they will gladly come to you.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Bali Kuta Carnival

Yesterday I went to the Kuta Carnival, an international event held once a year. There crowded visitors and a lot of food sold there. Food prices range from 10,000 to 50,000 rupiah.
There is also entertainment and performances such as bands and cabaret. This is a good relaxation after working a full week. Unfortunately the show has ended.

I hope this event can continue to exist, and if there again next year I will attend it. I hope you can attend it too. Love n Peace ^^v

Oh...I miss something. If you want, you can attend Bali Spirit Festival for March 31, 2010 at Ubud Village. It's about meditation, healing, yoga, etc. If you interested, come and join us there!