Thursday, October 1, 2009

Padang's Earthquake 7.6 RS

An earthquake measuring 7.6 on the richter scale shook the region of West Sumatra (West Sumatra), Indonesia on Wednesday evening. People are trapped, hotels, schools, houses have collapsed and electricity has been cut off. At least 75 people were confirmed dead after hospitals and hotels crumbled, and as fires raged in the coastal city of Padang, home to nearly a million people, in that earthquake.

Please, help them with your pray or give donation to earthquake victims at:

Yayasan Buddha Tzu Chi Indonesia

Bank: Bank Central Asia (BCA)
Account Number:
IDR: 865-011-6969
USD: 335-500-6969

If you want your donation used to be specific like this earthquake donation, give messege like: donation for earthquake padang, west sumatra.

After transfering, please give your transfer confirmation with:
Transfer date:
(Internet Banking, ATM, etc)
Account Name:
Send this information above to our e-mail at: atau
Thank you for your kindness.

May all beings free from suffering.


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