Monday, September 21, 2009

I'm BACK!!

Yes, after a long pause... almost 2 years stop i'm back with this blogging activities. A lot happen in 2 years that change my life. So, in this new start I'd like to share again to all of my reader.

But maybe not now 'cause I'm still thinking what first thing I want to share. Maybe about investing tips that I learn from books I've read, about vacation last year at Puncak-Bandung, or about tourism spot at Bali, etc.

About investing, this is one of my priority right now beside my family. I learn a lot in 2008-2009 crisis. The most important one is important for us to saving. Yes, SAVING. Try to save your money periodically, keep it in your piggi bank, your bank account, or where it safe. To be success in this saving habit we need commitment that we won't fail in this habit. For me, I'm saving about 80 percent of my salary at my bank account every month.

Now you think that why I'm saving money in my bank account while have to pay account fee and also the value of my money cuts with inflation? First about the account fee. I know it's not cheap, but saving in the bank is much better for me. I have bad habit of spending my money on my wallet, so I know it's better to let my bank keeping it far from me. Hahaha...

About the inflation, I don't have to much care about inflation. The most important for me is my account is increasing at every month. Most people think about investing their money at stock, mutual fund or other financial instrument and put their money on it every month or years. But when they face the truth that their investment could decreasing, they just couldn't accept it and blame their fund manager or financial advisor.

If you not invest on financial instrument and investment plan, you lost your chance but keep your money still.
If you invest on financial instrument and investment plan, and your investment lose it's value, you lose your money.

So, for me... Warrent Buffett rules give a good advice:
Rule no.1: Never lose money
Rule no2: Always remember Rule no.1

You can lose your chance to make money, but don't ever lose your money in hands.

I think that's it for now. May be in the next days I'll tell you about my vacation. And about other investing tips, just wait. I'll share to you all of it.

See ya..


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