Tuesday, September 29, 2009

How makes people find your blog?

Most people makes blog but never thought about bring blog reader to their blog. Some of them only give their blog link/ url to their friends or put it on their profile at community sites like friendster or facebook.We can also put our blog link at our status at instant messenger like yahoo or msn. But it's limited to our friends or other people that we know. How to make other people that even we don't know to our blog?

Mostly people use yahoo or google to search info they want to know. If you want to make people come to your blog, the first thing is content of your blog need to match with information they want to know. People who search about how to care a baby won't come to my blog since I never write about it. But people who want to know information about Bali will could come to my blog if I write about it. So, the most important thing is compatibility with what they search and what they will find in your blog.

Other tips is how to make they found your site on google or yahoo search result page. Most people who use search engine only search site which show at 1-3 pages at search engine result pages before they changing their keywords. So you need to know how to make your blog show at 1-3 result page at any search engine. How to make your blog like that? that's another story... 

But the most important is write a good thing at your blog. If it's good, they will gladly come to you.


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