Thursday, September 24, 2009

Got Faringitis

Yeah... i got faringitis in my last 3 days. I got fever yesterday, but after full day rest and eat a lot of vitamin and medicine, I feel better already. Health is the best treasure you can have. You could get sick right now if you want but healthy need a lot of time and effort.

The good thing is I'm not spending my time just for sleep. Playing games on my PSP (yes, I canceled on buying NDS and buy PSP instead)and read investing books.

Having PSP is a good thing you know. With a little modification, we not only could play games,view movies, listening music or view images on it but also read ebook with PDF or TXT format. So, I spend a lot of my times read books with my PSP, specially books about finance and investing.

Last word, my hope is all of you and others be healthy always. Try to get good rest, eat good food, and have an exercise. Believe me, one of your best treasure is Health.


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