Friday, December 7, 2007

Too Tired For Blogging

In this last two days, I'm very tired because of my job. Plus my co-worker out from our office so the job must be replaced to current worker. So, this time I realized, it's very hard for me to keep blogging everyday.

Blogging everyday could give you a good image to some Paid to Blog company, but if you can't push yourself to blog if you couldn't. If you push yourself to hard then you won't publish a good content posting. Just like if you keep your car to move fast when it's wheel is broke, your car will have more damage soon, and maybe could make the driver in danger. It's good to know when to take a break and when to moving fast.

So I think in this December, I will reduce my online activities and enjoy my life. And I hope you enjoy your self too.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Choosing Your Domain Name

Choosing your domain name could be very hard and stressing if you focus on the search engine result page (SERP).

If you choose a no keyword name like "yahoo" on the first time or "google" at the first time they choose the name, you have to build your reputation on that name. You will build a knowledge to the world that the "unique" domain is your's. But if you choose to use a keyword name like "forex-news" you have to get ready yourself to compete with other old player that using that keyword as traffic source in search engine.

Two word domain name like "financial-news" more unique than "financial" or "news" so the competition environment could be better because it's smaller. But using more than one word will invite mistakes from your reader if they only memorize your blog name and not to bookmark it. One word unique like "yahoo" is simple and easy to remember.

Using two keywords name like "forex-news" also force you to focus on your domain name topic "forex-news". It means you have to focus your blog in providing "forex-news", talking about it, give your reader opinions and chance to comment, or anything else but still in "forex-news" topic. If you going out of topic, your visitor who search you on purpose searching "forex-news" site will be upset and leave you. They will never comeback, unless they need you.

Having a good domain name will make you a chance to make money too by selling it. If your domain name is unique enough that have a lot of traffic of course. But I'm not recomend this way to make money. It's same as you can sell your house to make money. I prefer make money and still having the house.

Choose your own domain wisely, they will contribute how your site will grow.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Resolution for 2008

I write this because Pandi want me to do it. So I'm thinking about my resolution which is hard. I'm never do something like this before. So here it is:

1. Making money online regularly, my target is USD 1,000.00/month by making sites or blogs with advertising,
2. Increase my knowledge in SEO and having a site or blog in 1-50 google SERP as the prove in one/two combine keyword categories,
3. For my personal live, just want a gaming console with a lot of best game of RPG, Fighting, and Action RPG like Final Fantasy series, Tekken series, or Tales series and the most of important is have a time to enjoy it. It's useless if you have it but never have time to enjoy it.
4. Having a good improvement in spiritual live, especially in emotional control, awareness in mind, attitude and act.
5. Sharing best knowledge and other things to you still in this blog :)

I think, that's all for now. So thanks again for visiting this blog.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Everything is Changing

Yes, everything is changing. You must realized that blogspot comment had change. Now you can't put link so easily by choosing other nick for your comment and put links on it. You should used some codes to write and give a backlink to your site and I think it's worse than before. Well, everything that conditions will change someday for sure. But if it change from good to bad, what do it for?

I think, TJ and Mike is right. If I want to be serious in blogging, I should buy a domain, pay a hosting and used blogging like wordpress template. It because when I using a free blog like this, has right to do anything with this blog. If they don't like you, they can kick your butt out of their blogspot. I don't know how long we user will keep survive with this blog, but after this changing, it realy disturb me.

So maybe in couple of month, I will move this blog to a paid blog. For others blogspot user, may all the good happen to us.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Do You Having Fun?

Saturday and Sunday, I have a nice weekend with the internet. The connection is slow, but it doesn't off connection to often. So I can browse the internet peacefully.

When I browsing to Pandi's blog, he is blogging about a lot of contest hold by some bloggers that will gives a lot of presents to the top commentator. Some of them are and Their purposes is giving a reward to their commentators and
also increase popularity. So if you want to get something like t-shirt, mug, flashdisk (depend on bloggers) just go to their blog, follow their post topics, read it and make following comment about it.

For me blogging is for fun, present like that and money is just our bonus reward of blogging. So if I'm not enjoying, I will not do it. My suggestion is enjoy your blogging activitiew and give comment only if you like it. Don't push yourself, just let it flow out of you and maybe as the time flow you will have your rewards.