Saturday, December 1, 2007

Free Advertising

For your new site or blog, the most exitement that you can have is having a reader. You can track your reader using a tracking script that provided by tracking company. Then you could know how much is your site/ blog visitor per day/week/month, or you could know where the visitor know your site. If you want an example, you can find here at the bottom of my side. You will see extrem logo or word if you not using advertising block facility. I'm using a free tracker from this company. The good is they are very complete tracker but they are public show that anyone can see my blog tracking (but that's fine by me).

And how to get a visitor, you can use our friend's site here that provide a free advertising at: Indonesian language). They are free advertising that could give you a boost of visitor for your website, or if you want, you can use paid advertising like google adword. But if you could get free ads, try it. If you not satisfy with it, then use paid advertising.

But you must remember, to make your visitor back to your site/ blog, you must make your site enjoyable. Make they likes your site, enjoy it, and remember it. Then they don't have to use a refferal or search engine to find and go to your site. That's how to building a traffic.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Tomorrow is Last Month of year 2007

Yes, tomorrow is the last month in 2007. Is there something you haven't achieve in this year? Or you already finished all your target and objectives? Is it good to wait until 2008 come?

Well for me, there's alot thing I haven't done in 2007 likes; watching movie of Spiderman 3, make money online with pay per post regularly, or have a Nintendo DS, or even finding a woman to be my girlfriend. Well it seems my dream is far away and cannot be finished in this years. But I hope you can achieve your target in this year.

Well, for my Nintendo DS I will wait until january 2008, I hope the TV will soon play Spiderman 3 maybe as newyears tv show special, and for pay per post target should be on February when this blogs has 3 month old. Girlfriend?? I haven't thinking about it as real target even for next year.

About making a plan for next year? I still thinking about how to making $1000/month as my income online + offline. I will working hard to make it true. But right now, I will still focusing my mind in learning about making money with blog, SEO and building a website.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Something's Change

Do you realize it, don't you? It's the "label." I find a code at that can change the view of my blogger's label. I search this tools because I feel my label will grow more and maybe someday it's annoying me or my blogger's reader.

This is good isn't? It's save a lot of space. Well if you want to try this just download your full template just in case if you want to go back to the real one. It's usable for user. Just try it and then you can tell if you like it or not. It's so good that I can't wait to share it with you guys.


My ISP is Sucks

At this end of month, I will have to try not to often browsing sites and doing much internet activity. It because my internet bandwith had over the limit of 1GB quote. Depend in other countries, internet service in Indonesia is expensive. For 1GB internet bandwith, biggest company in internet provider service in Indonesia charging Rp. 200,000.00 or +/- US$ 20.00 and for each MB over bandwith limit will charging Rp 500.00

Right now I have 186 MB over limit. So I have to pay more than Rp 300,000.00 plus tax.
Different from the nominal I have to pay, their service is uncomfortable. In peak time, their internet service is very often to out of connection. I have to restart my modem more than 10 times. I wonder if our friends in other countries ever to feel something like this.

This ISP company has many promotion program like free hotspot and others. I wonder if our true connection access speed is taken just to promote them self so we true paid user can't get our true speed. Maybe that's why we have a lot out of connection.

So, I still waiting to find a new ISP company that can provide more than my current ISP. Hoping it will come soon.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I'm Never Learn Something Like This Before

Two days ago, I had install a new harddisk on my sister's computer. After I plug all the cable, then I start the computer if it's read the new hardware. The computer login into the bios, I press del then I go into bios setup menu. Ok, the bios had read the hardware. So I think there will be no problem. I exit from the bios menu, waiting the computer for Operating System reading. After the OS is ready, I start explore the harddisk on that computer.

Olala, the harddisk is not there. What's going on? Is that something's wrong? I check again the files on each partition and yup, that harddisk is not detected. I check the device manager on computer properties, the harddisk is detected. But why there are no new disk drive?

Then I called my friend about this problem. He said, click right on my computer icon and choose manage, after the new windows is pop, choose disk management. Then choose the new harddisk to made partition on it.

WOW, I never learn something like this before. Years before, I bought a harddisk but my computer already read this harddisk as my new disk storage and not do this thing. It's a new knowledge for me. And because it's good thing, I share to everyone here.

I'm glad to learn something useful, and thanks to my friend Mul :)

Monday, November 26, 2007

To Much Thinking, I Guess?

After visiting my friends at Sunday, my mind is thinking of idea how to making money online. I can't sleep well :( At home it's already past 10 PM, so I went to bed. But even I had slept, I think my mind isn't clear. So hard to not thinking about making money online :P

First of his idea is by building a blog or website that have a lot of traffic and put adsense there. Well, this could be hard I think.

Second is get a task from a pay per post. Well, most of them want blog with PR3, already at least 60 days active, and a good Alexa rank. But I'm very lucky, because this blog was accepted by BV, and get a job even they have to cut the rate. To get a task with real price, I have to wait 'till my blog meet their requirement.

I guess, I choose the second idea. Make a blog with with good rank and lot of traffic because this is a FREE blogs, FREE article, FREE domain, FREE hosting, and makes money from free things is more enjoyable.

Don't you think so?? :)

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Bali is So Hot Today

I don't now if November could be so hot. Usually Indonesia going for rainy season from October to february. But in these 2 weeks Bali is very hot. I heard that Australia is in summer season, but it is miles away. Why Bali get effected?

Oh well, in this hot afternoon, i will want take a nap because i'm too lazy to do anything in this hot weather. Btw if you want some manga about Detective Conan which authored by Aoyama Gosho, you can find the scanlated and translated version at It's not my site and I have no responsible to that site and it's contain, i just find it because I like to browsing and searching things.

But I think no one will reading a detective book in this hot afternoon. So, see you :|