Saturday, November 24, 2007

MP3 Download ??? Did You Taking Too Much Risk ?

A couple of days before, I went to someone blog. There on posted comment, I visit some friends blog. And at one of them I found a crazy thing (I think so). On of them have a site that giving a links to a lot Indonesian Album music MP3 download, this is what I called crazy part1. The crazy part2 is after I check at whois, he doesn't even use any whois privacy. This is why I think he's crazy. Sorry if the owner is upset with my word here.

I don't think the Singer, or the Song Author had allowed people make a copy for their music to mp3 files and provide it to the people to download it for free. So if you (the owner) want to get a lot visitor for making money (by putting advertisement) or to get a famous site that you can sell with higher price, I only could telling you my friend: "you taking to much risk for your life".

There is some better way to get money from advertising on your site or making your site famous without providing an illegal stuff like MP3 download. Well you can provide the links, but don't own the site where you put it. You can also create easy visitor by providing a databased about which site that have a MP3 file to download, and it's a better way.

If you are taking too much risk, the only thing I could say is: GOOD LUCK!!

Adsense Premium Service

What is adsense premium? That's must be the first question that pop-up on your mind, if you are new to adsense making money. The adsense premium is an adsense service that have special treatment from google adsense. It's like can show ads even your language is not english, have a different rate for pay per click, or maybe can choose who are the advertiser that allowed to occure in the advertising page.

How we can apply to get this adsense premium service? Well, it's hard to get adsense premium. Your site must have at least have 20 million content page views per month, and receives more than 5 million search engines. And there's still some requirement that not showed here. If you think that you could to get adsense premium service, you could apply at

This is the benefit as a member of adsense premium service:
*Access to technical and sales support
*A greater variety of customizable ad formats than standard AdSense offers
*Assistance with ad optimization
*Sophisticated filtering options

How to get fulfil the requirement? You should doing much give, give, give to other people who visit your site, like: providing email, forum, giving something special like, wallpaper, phone ringtones, and much more. The more you give, the more people appreciate you, the more people/ visitor come until you get the requirement.
Let's start to give, give, and give :)

My Dream - A Nintendo DS

Since bought SNES and sell it, i haven't buy any console again.Then usually I playing games on my computer. But in Indonesia, the computer hardware and software is too expensive, especially to follow the latest game. So I only playing old games. Now my intend to buy a game hardware is rise again. This time I want a Nintendo DS as the king of handheld of the year. They sales is very high, beating PS2, PS3, XBox, PSP, and other console. I had read a lot of review about it and most of all very satisfaction with their DS. But the only problem is, PS2 is still more cheap and have better graphics than DS. The only problem for PS2 is it doesn't have a battery. So the console need to connected with electricity if you want to play it. It consume a large electricity, and of course need a tv to play with. In Bali, there's sometime we will get a blackout from the electricity company. So I think my choice will be Nintendo DS.

So I search Indonesian online seller that selling NDS package. Whoops, most of them selling DS almost about 2 million rupiah. That's a lot of money there. Of course that's a price for a NDS package with a tools that can used NDS game iso and a micro SD card and also a bonus game on it. After I searching more, I guess I have find the best seller, only different about 100.000 rupiah though but I guess that's fine. Now the best thing I could do is waiting until my money is enough to buy it, and hoping the price is not going up but going down. If the plan don't screw up, I will get my new DS at January 2008 as my new year's present :)

Hope my DS dream could be reality. What's your dream?

Thursday, November 22, 2007

No Follow Tags

Many new blogger doesn't know (even me before) that no follow tags is very important in making backlinks. Most of blog platform like and tag default is no follow tag. This is mean, even you make a comment at blogs that have no follow tag, you won't get a backlink from them. This is facility to prevent spammer get their own site get the backlink and increase their popularity.

So the bloggers use a different way to make a backlinks. They exchange links and make a code to be put on html/javascript widget. You can see the code by seeing the page source using your browser (if you using firefox press ctrl+u). Find the href code. If they using this code to your site, then your site could get a backlinks.

The easyway is to change the "no follow tag" become "follow tag" and every links that occure in your blog even in comment could get backlink easy, and for spammer we could still use verivication code.

I prefer to use the easy way even it's very easy to spam, because I think it's better for new blogger to start with. And I hope this could help you too. Good Luck!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Your Life is Precious

In this world you working for yourself, your family, your environment, and your country. All of that depends on your presence, that’s why I said your life is precious. But in reality, you can’t live forever. As human, our life is too short. And when we leave, all the people who rely on us will have to fight with this life it self, your father, mother, wife, kids or maybe your boss, and many more. What can you do? What present that you can give to them as a final present? Maybe you will understand, that we need to left something valuable as ourself.

Why Insurance? I think we can value ourself with money even it’s not to worth with ourself. Life is more precious than money but we can using insurance money as final present is because money can help the other family to survive. Of course not only the money, but also messege of life, maybe a small store, or more. The money itself could be used for making a business, paying education, and other things.

How to choose insurance company? First look at their policy, some insurance company making policy for different people:

  • Term
  • Whole Life
  • Universal
  • Key man
  • Second to die
  • Group Policies
  • Mortgage
  • Smokers

There are different people with different policies. Each person’s plan should be different, because their risk of life, is also different. Like smokers maybe having more risk to get a heart attack than non smokers. maybe could get you understand about this. By understanding more about policy, you could save money in insurance and reduce premium.

Then you should consider their price too. Important people have their value, their important responsibility that often different with others. A CEO of a business company could be more important than a CEO of non-profitable organization. Before choosing a company you must know what protection they have. You must know how much they care about your life. And you must know that you choosing a reputable company that willing to pay your insurance full as agreement when you leave. A reputable company will not have to much trouble and will not giving you much trouble in paying their clients. It should give you the best coverage option and the best price too, especially also with the online quotes services.

At last, you must know what you need. You shouldn’t buy a coverage that you not used. Compare insurances company to get the best insurance company that suit for you. Some of them will help you to get the maximum advantage of their service. And the best thing you can do is take care your on life. If you not care about your own life, no body will. Take a good healthy food, going exercise, and know what to do for the best of your life. Maybe you can visit to know more about insurance or at least you know that they are there to help you.

See you!

Idea to Exchange Links

Yesterday I play to someone's blog to see what idea can i get from his blog. I think his name is Victor. Soon I get there and read some post, I realized there's something odd with links that occur in his post. This link is not an advertisement links but it's linking to his friends blog. That's a new idea to me. Usually when I see alink in some post usually it's an advertisement, not a link exchange.

So I will try his idea by make links with other blog friends in my post. I will combine a word in my post with links of some friends who makes comment in my blog.

Maybe you can make benefit from it. It's a gift from me. So don't forget to fill your url in your comment :)

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Internet as Powerful Source of Knowledge

In this internet world, we can search any kind of information. Just type the keyword in search engine facility, you can find a lot of information about itu. In example if you search about forex, you will get a lot of information about forex sites, forex broker, free e-book, software freeware, even a published book that illegaly scanned and upload by some people. It's just like a very big library to me. The more specific word that we type at search engine, the more accurate result we could get.

Then, there is some question: "why education could be so expensive when you can get the knowledges so cheap?" Is there some problem with our education program? Why some people willing to pay so high for the education? Is it just to get title so we could get a job with better salary? Or just being controlled by education system? If we not follow the system, maybe many people in education program will be unemployment. Is that a true reason to make us going to school, paid the education and get a job?

The more I search into the net, the more I could get information about anything. And I see a lot of people get money regardless what their education. Maybe they are graduated from a famous school or university, but it's doesn't related with what they do as their job to get their money. The more I see it, even people who teach in education program like school or university makes money online with a way that even doesn't have any relation with their ability as a teacher. So why do we still have to pay so high specially for formal education?

The answer is we pay high for formal education because they transfer education and experience of expert to you as soon as possible. You will get a lot of information and doesn't have to trial and error to get a good result. You can learn with a book, but a book only teach you in small portion of it's topic. The more expert your teacher and the more time that his/her spended in real situation, the more valuable he/she is.

But then there is more question: in example, why should I learn business from my teacher that doesn't even have some business background? they doesn't teach about their experience, or how to put all theories into their practices? If we not learning something from someone that never do that thing, is it effective or just wasting time? If we should learn something from the expert, we don't have to learn from formal education. We should learn it straight from the expert. I think the best answer to this question is: if you can find someone who have ability that you can call him/her an expert and have ability to teach and willing to teach you, then you don't need a formal education.

But the problem is: can we find the right person that have all quality? Mostly not. And a good school that have a high price for it's education should have an expert as their teacher. And that's why until now we need school, and all formal education. The knowledge should be cheap. But the time to learn still expensive. That's how I think.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Want to See Performances in Bali?

Traditional war dance. Word means a line of soldiers. A good baris dancer must be well coordinated and supple. The danve was originally a religious rite, now just dramatic glorification of a Balinese warrior.

Popular among villager, the dance brings a dozen young men and young women together in song and dance. Action ranges from sublime to frenzied.

A most involved solo dance; the performer become infused with the music and must know every instrument intimately. Kebyar Duduk is most popular in southern Balinese village.

Most dramatic of all Balinese dances; 150 men stimulate sounds of gamelan. It’s also called the Monkey Dance becaouse of the drama related to ramayana.

Classical dance of divine nymphs; one of most subtle and beautiful of all dances. Girls learn movements at age 5 and retire in their early teens.

Legong Kraton
This is the most beautiful and popular dance, featuring exquisite costumes and headdresses

Oleg Tambulilingan

Modern dance choreographed for young men and women. It’s cat and mouse play with a happy ending.

Ramayana Ballet
Traditional tales with modern humor; introduced to Bali by Kokar. Conservatory of Instrumental Arts and Dance. Very popular, especially because of the fanciful animals of the forest.

Popular folk opera which begins around midnight and ends in the daylight hours, when the lovers are invariably reunited. This is one of the best.

Barong and Rangda
Typical triumph of good over evil. Barong is a mythical forest creature danced by two young men. As his life threatened, so is the life of the village. Rangda is eventually defeated.

Barong Landung
Giant Barong; considered sacred and can exorcise harmful influences when necessary. Interesting and sometimes raucous performances; giant striding around temple compound.

Tjalon Arang
Story of magic; often performed to appease magical powers of tjalon arang, who keeps the village safe

Mask play; also called chronicle play of Bali. The stories taken from old aristocratic families around the island. Good topeng actors use 30-40 masks and create many diverse characters.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Which Publisher That Will Pay Me?

Hi! Much of my friends told me there are a lot business like google adsense this day. And so much people that have blog or site using them as money source. But not all advertiser are good business, sometime they are scam and won't pay you after you do your job. Beware of those scammer, it's better working together with a good trusted company than a new ones.

So I'm giving you a list that contain a good advertiser that really paid their publisher, they are:

1. Google Adsense
2. Yahoo Publisher Network
3. Chitika
4. Amazon
5. PayPopUp
6. Tribal Fusion
7. EmarketMakers
8. ShareASale
9. FastClick
10. Adtegrity
11. MaxOnline
12. TAF Master
13. AllClicks
14. LeadCrunch
15. Casale Media
16. Commision Junction
17. AzoogleAds
18. Opt-Media
19. LinkShare
20. Adhearus
22. AllPosters
23. Lunar Pages
24. Dark Blue
25. Marketbanker
26. RealTechNetwork
27. LOUDcash
28. RealCast Media
29. Dating-Central
30. CashRing
31. AffiliateFuel
32. ClickXchange
33. Burst Media

34. AdBrite
35. Rydium
36. Primaryads
37. Kanoodle
38. Mamma Media Solutions
39. TargetPoint
40. Gozingnetwork
41. AdSonar
42. Offersquest
43. TrafficParking
44. Ingo Publishing
45. ValueClick
46. TmpExpress
47. Right Media
48. CPA Empire
49. ClickBank
50. Kolimbo
51. Focalex
52. NCSReporting
53. Coverclicks
54. WebSponsors
55. Hurricane Digital Media
56. Global Life Enhancements
57. Yesup
58. TicketsNow
59. Adagency
60. AdservingNetwork
61. ImpressionUP
62. YourSiteBar
63. Ad Jungle
64. VibrantMedia
65. PopUpTraffic
66. Euroclick
67. Zangocash
68. Clicksor
69. SearchFeed
70. US Online Pharmacy
Source: Sitepoint Forum