Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Resolution for 2008

I write this because Pandi want me to do it. So I'm thinking about my resolution which is hard. I'm never do something like this before. So here it is:

1. Making money online regularly, my target is USD 1,000.00/month by making sites or blogs with advertising,
2. Increase my knowledge in SEO and having a site or blog in 1-50 google SERP as the prove in one/two combine keyword categories,
3. For my personal live, just want a gaming console with a lot of best game of RPG, Fighting, and Action RPG like Final Fantasy series, Tekken series, or Tales series and the most of important is have a time to enjoy it. It's useless if you have it but never have time to enjoy it.
4. Having a good improvement in spiritual live, especially in emotional control, awareness in mind, attitude and act.
5. Sharing best knowledge and other things to you still in this blog :)

I think, that's all for now. So thanks again for visiting this blog.


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