Sunday, December 2, 2007

Do You Having Fun?

Saturday and Sunday, I have a nice weekend with the internet. The connection is slow, but it doesn't off connection to often. So I can browse the internet peacefully.

When I browsing to Pandi's blog, he is blogging about a lot of contest hold by some bloggers that will gives a lot of presents to the top commentator. Some of them are and Their purposes is giving a reward to their commentators and
also increase popularity. So if you want to get something like t-shirt, mug, flashdisk (depend on bloggers) just go to their blog, follow their post topics, read it and make following comment about it.

For me blogging is for fun, present like that and money is just our bonus reward of blogging. So if I'm not enjoying, I will not do it. My suggestion is enjoy your blogging activitiew and give comment only if you like it. Don't push yourself, just let it flow out of you and maybe as the time flow you will have your rewards.


Sheilla said...

Nice. I think it's ok to go for it, if their topics actually interest you. Hehe.

I wouldn't want t put my comments on posts that I don't quite understand, it's just gonna make myself look dumb hehehehe.

It's raining tonite in town, I'm lovin it.

Surya said...

Surya Yes, if you just comment without having interest on it, it's just wasting your time.

I like raining too, made my room cool without AC.