Sunday, December 23, 2007

Maybe I won't Buy DS Next 3 Month

Well, that's the possibility. It because I already could played DS game on my computer. Even though it's not all game that could be played but the number of playable game is increasing every month. So the only motivation for buying NDS is: it could be played in blackout, because it has battery on it.

Since already more than 10 games that could played on computer, it will make me busy 'cause I will playing it on the next three month, then I will see if I still want the DS or moving on other handheld like PSP or maybe not buying anything. But I still want something that I could do when the electric company blackout my area.

You can look about which NDS game that could be played of your computer here at:

Just search with keyword compatibility and you will find it. See you!!


kelik said...

i used to play psx and vba on my computer

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