Saturday, December 1, 2007

Free Advertising

For your new site or blog, the most exitement that you can have is having a reader. You can track your reader using a tracking script that provided by tracking company. Then you could know how much is your site/ blog visitor per day/week/month, or you could know where the visitor know your site. If you want an example, you can find here at the bottom of my side. You will see extrem logo or word if you not using advertising block facility. I'm using a free tracker from this company. The good is they are very complete tracker but they are public show that anyone can see my blog tracking (but that's fine by me).

And how to get a visitor, you can use our friend's site here that provide a free advertising at: Indonesian language). They are free advertising that could give you a boost of visitor for your website, or if you want, you can use paid advertising like google adword. But if you could get free ads, try it. If you not satisfy with it, then use paid advertising.

But you must remember, to make your visitor back to your site/ blog, you must make your site enjoyable. Make they likes your site, enjoy it, and remember it. Then they don't have to use a refferal or search engine to find and go to your site. That's how to building a traffic.


syaifudin zuhri said...

See, I extreme tracking is usefull, and many people around the wold use it, I like it.

Surya, thanks for your information about ads... may i use it some day..or creat it.


Surya said...

Thanks also for visiting this blog. I appreciate it. :)
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