Monday, December 3, 2007

Everything is Changing

Yes, everything is changing. You must realized that blogspot comment had change. Now you can't put link so easily by choosing other nick for your comment and put links on it. You should used some codes to write and give a backlink to your site and I think it's worse than before. Well, everything that conditions will change someday for sure. But if it change from good to bad, what do it for?

I think, TJ and Mike is right. If I want to be serious in blogging, I should buy a domain, pay a hosting and used blogging like wordpress template. It because when I using a free blog like this, has right to do anything with this blog. If they don't like you, they can kick your butt out of their blogspot. I don't know how long we user will keep survive with this blog, but after this changing, it realy disturb me.

So maybe in couple of month, I will move this blog to a paid blog. For others blogspot user, may all the good happen to us.


Sheilla said...

TJ and Mike is right, and you should get a domain. Many hosting packages offer cheap prices out there now, it's worth it, really.

Blogger said...

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