Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Your Life is Precious

In this world you working for yourself, your family, your environment, and your country. All of that depends on your presence, that’s why I said your life is precious. But in reality, you can’t live forever. As human, our life is too short. And when we leave, all the people who rely on us will have to fight with this life it self, your father, mother, wife, kids or maybe your boss, and many more. What can you do? What present that you can give to them as a final present? Maybe you will understand, that we need to left something valuable as ourself.

Why Insurance? I think we can value ourself with money even it’s not to worth with ourself. Life is more precious than money but we can using insurance money as final present is because money can help the other family to survive. Of course not only the money, but also messege of life, maybe a small store, or more. The money itself could be used for making a business, paying education, and other things.

How to choose insurance company? First look at their policy, some insurance company making policy for different people:

  • Term
  • Whole Life
  • Universal
  • Key man
  • Second to die
  • Group Policies
  • Mortgage
  • Smokers

There are different people with different policies. Each person’s plan should be different, because their risk of life, is also different. Like smokers maybe having more risk to get a heart attack than non smokers. maybe could get you understand about this. By understanding more about policy, you could save money in insurance and reduce premium.

Then you should consider their price too. Important people have their value, their important responsibility that often different with others. A CEO of a business company could be more important than a CEO of non-profitable organization. Before choosing a company you must know what protection they have. You must know how much they care about your life. And you must know that you choosing a reputable company that willing to pay your insurance full as agreement when you leave. A reputable company will not have to much trouble and will not giving you much trouble in paying their clients. It should give you the best coverage option and the best price too, especially also with the online quotes services.

At last, you must know what you need. You shouldn’t buy a coverage that you not used. Compare insurances company to get the best insurance company that suit for you. Some of them will help you to get the maximum advantage of their service. And the best thing you can do is take care your on life. If you not care about your own life, no body will. Take a good healthy food, going exercise, and know what to do for the best of your life. Maybe you can visit to know more about insurance or at least you know that they are there to help you.

See you!