Sunday, November 18, 2007

Which Publisher That Will Pay Me?

Hi! Much of my friends told me there are a lot business like google adsense this day. And so much people that have blog or site using them as money source. But not all advertiser are good business, sometime they are scam and won't pay you after you do your job. Beware of those scammer, it's better working together with a good trusted company than a new ones.

So I'm giving you a list that contain a good advertiser that really paid their publisher, they are:

1. Google Adsense
2. Yahoo Publisher Network
3. Chitika
4. Amazon
5. PayPopUp
6. Tribal Fusion
7. EmarketMakers
8. ShareASale
9. FastClick
10. Adtegrity
11. MaxOnline
12. TAF Master
13. AllClicks
14. LeadCrunch
15. Casale Media
16. Commision Junction
17. AzoogleAds
18. Opt-Media
19. LinkShare
20. Adhearus
22. AllPosters
23. Lunar Pages
24. Dark Blue
25. Marketbanker
26. RealTechNetwork
27. LOUDcash
28. RealCast Media
29. Dating-Central
30. CashRing
31. AffiliateFuel
32. ClickXchange
33. Burst Media

34. AdBrite
35. Rydium
36. Primaryads
37. Kanoodle
38. Mamma Media Solutions
39. TargetPoint
40. Gozingnetwork
41. AdSonar
42. Offersquest
43. TrafficParking
44. Ingo Publishing
45. ValueClick
46. TmpExpress
47. Right Media
48. CPA Empire
49. ClickBank
50. Kolimbo
51. Focalex
52. NCSReporting
53. Coverclicks
54. WebSponsors
55. Hurricane Digital Media
56. Global Life Enhancements
57. Yesup
58. TicketsNow
59. Adagency
60. AdservingNetwork
61. ImpressionUP
62. YourSiteBar
63. Ad Jungle
64. VibrantMedia
65. PopUpTraffic
66. Euroclick
67. Zangocash
68. Clicksor
69. SearchFeed
70. US Online Pharmacy
Source: Sitepoint Forum


ayahshiva said...

wah banyak amat ya, jadi bingung

Surya said...

Klo mau perusahaan yang paling bonafit ya google adsense. Ga tau juga yang mana yang bayarannya paling mahal. Cuman jangan sampe dapetnya yang scam alias nggak bayar :P

Sering2x aja ikutan forum kayak adsense-id atau digital point n sitepoint. Ntar klo ada yang scam pasti muncul deh beritanya :)

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