Saturday, November 17, 2007

What is search engine and free email that I used?

As internet users, most of us using search engine and email. But what is the best search engine and free email service that suit for us? Regarding, most used search engine on the net. They are Google, Yahoo!, MSN, AOL, and ASK. Well, I never use MSN, AOL, and ASK so do not ask me whether they are good or not. And most internet browser are already have google or yahoo search engine in their program.

And for free email service, there are top 3 that often people used. They are Yahoo!Mail, gmail, MSN Hotmail. I'm using yahoo mail and gmail, never tried hotmail. I using them because they are easy to used.

What's yours?


Miftah said...

search engine pilihan saya google, email.. yahoo... :D

thanks for visiting my blog

pandi merdeka said...

heheh pilihan gw uhmmmm plasa dot com deh hihihi cinta produk lokal

Stentorized said...

I only use Yahoo and gmail for my email.

Thanks for sharing.

ayahshiva said...

gak pernah pake AOL, ASK pernah sekali

Surya said...

Look's like AOL is only for US resident user. For international user often using yahoo and google.

@pandi, plasa dot com? sy malah belum nyoba tuh :) boleh deh kapan2x

Blogger said...

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