Monday, November 19, 2007

Want to See Performances in Bali?

Traditional war dance. Word means a line of soldiers. A good baris dancer must be well coordinated and supple. The danve was originally a religious rite, now just dramatic glorification of a Balinese warrior.

Popular among villager, the dance brings a dozen young men and young women together in song and dance. Action ranges from sublime to frenzied.

A most involved solo dance; the performer become infused with the music and must know every instrument intimately. Kebyar Duduk is most popular in southern Balinese village.

Most dramatic of all Balinese dances; 150 men stimulate sounds of gamelan. It’s also called the Monkey Dance becaouse of the drama related to ramayana.

Classical dance of divine nymphs; one of most subtle and beautiful of all dances. Girls learn movements at age 5 and retire in their early teens.

Legong Kraton
This is the most beautiful and popular dance, featuring exquisite costumes and headdresses

Oleg Tambulilingan

Modern dance choreographed for young men and women. It’s cat and mouse play with a happy ending.

Ramayana Ballet
Traditional tales with modern humor; introduced to Bali by Kokar. Conservatory of Instrumental Arts and Dance. Very popular, especially because of the fanciful animals of the forest.

Popular folk opera which begins around midnight and ends in the daylight hours, when the lovers are invariably reunited. This is one of the best.

Barong and Rangda
Typical triumph of good over evil. Barong is a mythical forest creature danced by two young men. As his life threatened, so is the life of the village. Rangda is eventually defeated.

Barong Landung
Giant Barong; considered sacred and can exorcise harmful influences when necessary. Interesting and sometimes raucous performances; giant striding around temple compound.

Tjalon Arang
Story of magic; often performed to appease magical powers of tjalon arang, who keeps the village safe

Mask play; also called chronicle play of Bali. The stories taken from old aristocratic families around the island. Good topeng actors use 30-40 masks and create many diverse characters.