Monday, November 26, 2007

To Much Thinking, I Guess?

After visiting my friends at Sunday, my mind is thinking of idea how to making money online. I can't sleep well :( At home it's already past 10 PM, so I went to bed. But even I had slept, I think my mind isn't clear. So hard to not thinking about making money online :P

First of his idea is by building a blog or website that have a lot of traffic and put adsense there. Well, this could be hard I think.

Second is get a task from a pay per post. Well, most of them want blog with PR3, already at least 60 days active, and a good Alexa rank. But I'm very lucky, because this blog was accepted by BV, and get a job even they have to cut the rate. To get a task with real price, I have to wait 'till my blog meet their requirement.

I guess, I choose the second idea. Make a blog with with good rank and lot of traffic because this is a FREE blogs, FREE article, FREE domain, FREE hosting, and makes money from free things is more enjoyable.

Don't you think so?? :)


ayahshiva said...

tapi kalo emang niatnya cari duit dari internet, akan lebih baik jika punya domain dan hosting sendiri, soalnya banyak juga perusahaan ads yang gak terima dengan blog gratisan

Sheilla said...

Semoga berhasil ya, klo saya pake adsense, abis PR nya lom nyampe 3 sih hehe

Surya said...

#ayahshiva-Wah, ada ya yang gak boleh pake blog gratis? baru tau saya. Btw klo misalnya bikin blognya di subdomain apa boleh?

#sheilla-Blog saya nggak punya PR kok, cuman ya begitu deh di terima di BV cuman dapet job yang nilainya kecil banget. Tapi ya lumayan lah, duit tetep duit gitu kata temen2x bloggers.

noheartfilin said...

heh..surya..better start with adsense..but dont loose your spirit ..keep it up..start learning NOW !!

Im just give some support !! LOL =p

go go go

Surya said...

@noheartfilin-thanks for the support, i still learning though :)

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