Thursday, November 22, 2007

No Follow Tags

Many new blogger doesn't know (even me before) that no follow tags is very important in making backlinks. Most of blog platform like and tag default is no follow tag. This is mean, even you make a comment at blogs that have no follow tag, you won't get a backlink from them. This is facility to prevent spammer get their own site get the backlink and increase their popularity.

So the bloggers use a different way to make a backlinks. They exchange links and make a code to be put on html/javascript widget. You can see the code by seeing the page source using your browser (if you using firefox press ctrl+u). Find the href code. If they using this code to your site, then your site could get a backlinks.

The easyway is to change the "no follow tag" become "follow tag" and every links that occure in your blog even in comment could get backlink easy, and for spammer we could still use verivication code.

I prefer to use the easy way even it's very easy to spam, because I think it's better for new blogger to start with. And I hope this could help you too. Good Luck!


ayahshiva said...

wah saya udah instal plugin wp untuk mengubah semua nofollow tag dalam blog saya

Pittsburgh SEO said...

I'm glad you researched about the nofollow tag. And I've found that the verification code does stop a lot of spam.

Another thing you can do to see if a site is nofollow or not is install a plugin that I found (for Firefox) called NoDoFollow. It highlights what links are follow and nofollow for you on a page so you don't have to view the source code.

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