Thursday, November 29, 2007

My ISP is Sucks

At this end of month, I will have to try not to often browsing sites and doing much internet activity. It because my internet bandwith had over the limit of 1GB quote. Depend in other countries, internet service in Indonesia is expensive. For 1GB internet bandwith, biggest company in internet provider service in Indonesia charging Rp. 200,000.00 or +/- US$ 20.00 and for each MB over bandwith limit will charging Rp 500.00

Right now I have 186 MB over limit. So I have to pay more than Rp 300,000.00 plus tax.
Different from the nominal I have to pay, their service is uncomfortable. In peak time, their internet service is very often to out of connection. I have to restart my modem more than 10 times. I wonder if our friends in other countries ever to feel something like this.

This ISP company has many promotion program like free hotspot and others. I wonder if our true connection access speed is taken just to promote them self so we true paid user can't get our true speed. Maybe that's why we have a lot out of connection.

So, I still waiting to find a new ISP company that can provide more than my current ISP. Hoping it will come soon.


ayahshiva said...

oh pake speedy juga ya? napa gak ambil yang time base aja kaya saya, lebih enak, puas kalo mau donlot,kemaren aja dapet 500MB

Surya said...

masa sih? lebih cepet ta? Baru tau saya. Mikirnya sih dulu klo pas donlod klo pake per quota kan bisa ditinggal n nggak khawatir mas.

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