Saturday, November 24, 2007

My Dream - A Nintendo DS

Since bought SNES and sell it, i haven't buy any console again.Then usually I playing games on my computer. But in Indonesia, the computer hardware and software is too expensive, especially to follow the latest game. So I only playing old games. Now my intend to buy a game hardware is rise again. This time I want a Nintendo DS as the king of handheld of the year. They sales is very high, beating PS2, PS3, XBox, PSP, and other console. I had read a lot of review about it and most of all very satisfaction with their DS. But the only problem is, PS2 is still more cheap and have better graphics than DS. The only problem for PS2 is it doesn't have a battery. So the console need to connected with electricity if you want to play it. It consume a large electricity, and of course need a tv to play with. In Bali, there's sometime we will get a blackout from the electricity company. So I think my choice will be Nintendo DS.

So I search Indonesian online seller that selling NDS package. Whoops, most of them selling DS almost about 2 million rupiah. That's a lot of money there. Of course that's a price for a NDS package with a tools that can used NDS game iso and a micro SD card and also a bonus game on it. After I searching more, I guess I have find the best seller, only different about 100.000 rupiah though but I guess that's fine. Now the best thing I could do is waiting until my money is enough to buy it, and hoping the price is not going up but going down. If the plan don't screw up, I will get my new DS at January 2008 as my new year's present :)

Hope my DS dream could be reality. What's your dream?


ayahshiva said...

napa gak pilih ps 3 aja, kayak saya

Surya said...

walah ps3, dana saya pas2xan nih mas. Lagian maen musti di tv sedangkan saya make kompi ini di toko, sambil kerja mas.
jadi nggak mungkin lah maen ps3 di toko :)
lagian sampe sekarang cuman bisa maen game ori klo ga salah.
itu pertimbangannya mas.

btw, ma kasih telah sudi mampir ke tempat saya yang sederhana ini. :)

Anonymous said...

Ayooo tunggu apa lagi :D
kalau dah ngebet beli aja sur ^^
Btw..... sorry make anonymous id, ga login alnya......