Saturday, November 24, 2007

MP3 Download ??? Did You Taking Too Much Risk ?

A couple of days before, I went to someone blog. There on posted comment, I visit some friends blog. And at one of them I found a crazy thing (I think so). On of them have a site that giving a links to a lot Indonesian Album music MP3 download, this is what I called crazy part1. The crazy part2 is after I check at whois, he doesn't even use any whois privacy. This is why I think he's crazy. Sorry if the owner is upset with my word here.

I don't think the Singer, or the Song Author had allowed people make a copy for their music to mp3 files and provide it to the people to download it for free. So if you (the owner) want to get a lot visitor for making money (by putting advertisement) or to get a famous site that you can sell with higher price, I only could telling you my friend: "you taking to much risk for your life".

There is some better way to get money from advertising on your site or making your site famous without providing an illegal stuff like MP3 download. Well you can provide the links, but don't own the site where you put it. You can also create easy visitor by providing a databased about which site that have a MP3 file to download, and it's a better way.

If you are taking too much risk, the only thing I could say is: GOOD LUCK!!


ayahshiva said...

well hidup memang penuh dengan resiko

-tikabanget- ™ said...

temen sayah yang anak band pernah bilang, kebahagiaan dia paling tinggi adalah ketika lagunya didengar dan dikenal banyak orang.
dan dia sama sekali ndak keberatan buwat didonlod lagunya.
kata dia, dimana-mana, band itu lebih dapet duit dari performance panggung, bukan dari penjualan lagu..

Surya said...

Oh gitu toh. Tapi tetep aja kan, masih ada celah yang cukup besar bagi mereka untuk melakukan tuntutan hukum.

Hidup penuh resiko? hahaha...emang iya tapi dikontrol dong resikonya, misal pakei proteksi whois biar setidaknya klo ada yang mau lacak repot dikit, dll.

Tapi masa sih duit itu lebih gede dari tampil di acara n konser? bukannya justru duitnya dari album? sampe ada platinum award segala :)

BTW ma kasih dah komen di sini :)

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