Thursday, November 15, 2007

Making Money Online

This days alot of people talking about making money on the net. They talking about adsense, became affiliate and get comission from sellers, making review about a product or services, paid by clicking advertise or watching, and many more. They talking it in forums, blog, and even they buy a domain and talking it there.

It's not something wrong with that but the most important thing that every reader should know is: "if it's too easy and too good to be true, then it is". Making money in virtual world is not different from the real world. If you put no hard work, you will get less, or nothing. They need patience, hard work, good product, smart work too, and you need giving something. It says, if you giving something, you will get equal value with your give and time. And if you not giving something to your reader or your buyer, you won't receive anything.

So if you want to receive money from the net, why not starting to give anything what you have. It can start by giving search engine you used (like Yahoo or Google), or your free email service, or your free blog service, and anything you have as long you not giving something illegal.



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