Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I'm Never Learn Something Like This Before

Two days ago, I had install a new harddisk on my sister's computer. After I plug all the cable, then I start the computer if it's read the new hardware. The computer login into the bios, I press del then I go into bios setup menu. Ok, the bios had read the hardware. So I think there will be no problem. I exit from the bios menu, waiting the computer for Operating System reading. After the OS is ready, I start explore the harddisk on that computer.

Olala, the harddisk is not there. What's going on? Is that something's wrong? I check again the files on each partition and yup, that harddisk is not detected. I check the device manager on computer properties, the harddisk is detected. But why there are no new disk drive?

Then I called my friend about this problem. He said, click right on my computer icon and choose manage, after the new windows is pop, choose disk management. Then choose the new harddisk to made partition on it.

WOW, I never learn something like this before. Years before, I bought a harddisk but my computer already read this harddisk as my new disk storage and not do this thing. It's a new knowledge for me. And because it's good thing, I share to everyone here.

I'm glad to learn something useful, and thanks to my friend Mul :)


noheartfilin said...

hi there..come to visit you again.. that ? Im never knew that before because I always setting at BIOS setup !!

hehe..wutever..experience is greatest way of learning =p

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