Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Idea to Exchange Links

Yesterday I play to someone's blog to see what idea can i get from his blog. I think his name is Victor. Soon I get there and read some post, I realized there's something odd with links that occur in his post. This link is not an advertisement links but it's linking to his friends blog. That's a new idea to me. Usually when I see alink in some post usually it's an advertisement, not a link exchange.

So I will try his idea by make links with other blog friends in my post. I will combine a word in my post with links of some friends who makes comment in my blog.

Maybe you can make benefit from it. It's a gift from me. So don't forget to fill your url in your comment :)


Abi said...

Contohnya mana bro?

Surya said...

Dipostingan ini kan ada kata2x yang ada linksnya, nah itu mengarah ke blog temen2x yang pernah kasih posting comment di sini. Gitu mas Abi :)

pandi nurdiansyah said...

hihihi jadi terharu di link maen ping pong yuuu ;))

Stentorized said...

thanks for the link
I link you too in my blog.

I will try your idea
linking my commentors in my blog.

good luck!

pandi merdeka said...