Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Eurobeat Music Style

In recent days, I likes eurobeat music especialy Ayumi Hamasaki song. I'm almost listening everyday. Eurobeat is kind of music that have a fast beat that used alot in DDR games and Initial D anime. Most of eurobeat album only sold in Japan. But I found one of Ayumi eurobeat album cassette in other music store. I feel very lucky. So everytime I heared it, my heart feel dance too.

There's a kind of people who share their eurobeat album in the net. You can search it in google search or in blogsearch but I still recommend you to buy it. If you paid for something's good, you will appreciate it more than getting it free.

If you want more information about eurobeat, visit this links Eurobeat . It's not mine so I'm not responsible about that site and it's content, but you still could get a lot information about eurobeat there.


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