Sunday, November 25, 2007

Bali is So Hot Today

I don't now if November could be so hot. Usually Indonesia going for rainy season from October to february. But in these 2 weeks Bali is very hot. I heard that Australia is in summer season, but it is miles away. Why Bali get effected?

Oh well, in this hot afternoon, i will want take a nap because i'm too lazy to do anything in this hot weather. Btw if you want some manga about Detective Conan which authored by Aoyama Gosho, you can find the scanlated and translated version at It's not my site and I have no responsible to that site and it's contain, i just find it because I like to browsing and searching things.

But I think no one will reading a detective book in this hot afternoon. So, see you :|


Sheilla said...

Hi Surya, thanks ya udah maen ke blog gw.

Lucky you that it's hot there. In Jakarta it's sooo cold!!! It's been raining almost every day. Well I guess men never get satisfied :P

Surya said...

Sheilla, ma kasih juga dah mau maen ke sini.

men never get satisfied?? well, we are human after all :)