Saturday, November 24, 2007

Adsense Premium Service

What is adsense premium? That's must be the first question that pop-up on your mind, if you are new to adsense making money. The adsense premium is an adsense service that have special treatment from google adsense. It's like can show ads even your language is not english, have a different rate for pay per click, or maybe can choose who are the advertiser that allowed to occure in the advertising page.

How we can apply to get this adsense premium service? Well, it's hard to get adsense premium. Your site must have at least have 20 million content page views per month, and receives more than 5 million search engines. And there's still some requirement that not showed here. If you think that you could to get adsense premium service, you could apply at

This is the benefit as a member of adsense premium service:
*Access to technical and sales support
*A greater variety of customizable ad formats than standard AdSense offers
*Assistance with ad optimization
*Sophisticated filtering options

How to get fulfil the requirement? You should doing much give, give, give to other people who visit your site, like: providing email, forum, giving something special like, wallpaper, phone ringtones, and much more. The more you give, the more people appreciate you, the more people/ visitor come until you get the requirement.
Let's start to give, give, and give :)


ayahshiva said...

saya juga pernah baca tentang layanan google yang satu ini dari e-booknya John Chow.
Gila aja syaratnya, mesti punya situs kayak yahoo tuh baru bisa ikutan layanan tersebut

Icoez said...

Makasih mas surya,atas visitnya di blogku.dtggu lg lo.
Back to comment.I think that google is getting not make sense,right.

Surya said...

ya namanya juga masih profit organisasi, ada uang abang disayang nggak ada uang abang ditendang :P

Blogger said...

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Blogger said...

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