Tuesday, November 13, 2007

About Bali

Bali is one of beautiful islands in the world. It's located in Indonesian archipelago in southeast asia. Bali has beautiful long green rice field, white sand beaches, thousand artistic Hinduism temples, lot of places to visit, traditional dances, festivals, and friendly people.
Spectacular views of Bali are at it's beaches especially when sunset have made it one of the most visited places on earth. Bali also one of the best beauty and health SPA service in the world. For years, million people around the world have came to Bali. At least, there are one million tourists from foreign countries that came to Bali in 2006. Most of them came from Australia, Japan, Taiwan, China, and Europe.

Bali is the western most island of the lesser Sundas. It has the sometimes tainted distinction of being the most heavily touristed island in the Indonesia archipelago. Bali is also called “Pulau Dewata” ( The Island of Gods) which people believe their island is just a loan from God. It’s an island characterized by 90 miles long beauty full of rice terrace and holy Mt. Agung which is believe as abode of the Hindu’s Gods. Yes, the religion of inhabitants of Bali are primarily Hindu, although Buddhist influences also became the part of it. Bali has almost 20.000 temples, 60 religious holiday a year, and some 2.000 different dance troupes as part of the religion and ceremonies.

Although the island is only 144 kilometres (90 miles) long by 80 kilometres (50 miles) at its widest, you can still get as lost as you want on Bali. There are hundreds of villages which haven’t changed in 60 years. The law which prohibits the building of any structure higher than a palm tree has saved the natural environment.

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