Sunday, December 23, 2007

Maybe I won't Buy DS Next 3 Month

Well, that's the possibility. It because I already could played DS game on my computer. Even though it's not all game that could be played but the number of playable game is increasing every month. So the only motivation for buying NDS is: it could be played in blackout, because it has battery on it.

Since already more than 10 games that could played on computer, it will make me busy 'cause I will playing it on the next three month, then I will see if I still want the DS or moving on other handheld like PSP or maybe not buying anything. But I still want something that I could do when the electric company blackout my area.

You can look about which NDS game that could be played of your computer here at:

Just search with keyword compatibility and you will find it. See you!!

Monday, December 10, 2007

New To Wordpress, Can You Help Me?

I was installed wordpress on my site yesterday and I found it's very hard to understand. It using PHP language program that I couldn't understand. I don't know how to put javascript code like tracking code or anything else. Even I find explanation on the net, I still couldn't understand it :(

How to change the blogroll title? How to change the colour of my blog? I guess I could get some easy to understand explanation from anyone who already used blog as money tools.

Update: akhirnya bisa pasang tracking code di wordpress setelah nemu caranya di sini --> makasih ya :)

Masih utak atik n mencoba liat2x template yang terbaik and masih belum nemu caranya ganti colour di wordpress :(

Blog Ping List for You

Hi! How are you doing today? I hope you are fine. Yesterday I make a ping list for blogging. Sometimes you can't find your post in blog search engine. Why is that? because that search engine doesn't detect your post. Most of blog have ping facility: that blog will ask search engine to detect their update posting. But no one can sure that one ping is better than others. So the best way to ping is choose the ping facility that have the best result for you.

Below is a ping list that you can put on ping facility on your blog setting. They are:

Quite a lot doesn't it? Please use it wisely, because you don't want to called spammer by search engine. I thing use it 5-10 ping on this list will already have a good effect for you.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Too Tired For Blogging

In this last two days, I'm very tired because of my job. Plus my co-worker out from our office so the job must be replaced to current worker. So, this time I realized, it's very hard for me to keep blogging everyday.

Blogging everyday could give you a good image to some Paid to Blog company, but if you can't push yourself to blog if you couldn't. If you push yourself to hard then you won't publish a good content posting. Just like if you keep your car to move fast when it's wheel is broke, your car will have more damage soon, and maybe could make the driver in danger. It's good to know when to take a break and when to moving fast.

So I think in this December, I will reduce my online activities and enjoy my life. And I hope you enjoy your self too.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Choosing Your Domain Name

Choosing your domain name could be very hard and stressing if you focus on the search engine result page (SERP).

If you choose a no keyword name like "yahoo" on the first time or "google" at the first time they choose the name, you have to build your reputation on that name. You will build a knowledge to the world that the "unique" domain is your's. But if you choose to use a keyword name like "forex-news" you have to get ready yourself to compete with other old player that using that keyword as traffic source in search engine.

Two word domain name like "financial-news" more unique than "financial" or "news" so the competition environment could be better because it's smaller. But using more than one word will invite mistakes from your reader if they only memorize your blog name and not to bookmark it. One word unique like "yahoo" is simple and easy to remember.

Using two keywords name like "forex-news" also force you to focus on your domain name topic "forex-news". It means you have to focus your blog in providing "forex-news", talking about it, give your reader opinions and chance to comment, or anything else but still in "forex-news" topic. If you going out of topic, your visitor who search you on purpose searching "forex-news" site will be upset and leave you. They will never comeback, unless they need you.

Having a good domain name will make you a chance to make money too by selling it. If your domain name is unique enough that have a lot of traffic of course. But I'm not recomend this way to make money. It's same as you can sell your house to make money. I prefer make money and still having the house.

Choose your own domain wisely, they will contribute how your site will grow.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Resolution for 2008

I write this because Pandi want me to do it. So I'm thinking about my resolution which is hard. I'm never do something like this before. So here it is:

1. Making money online regularly, my target is USD 1,000.00/month by making sites or blogs with advertising,
2. Increase my knowledge in SEO and having a site or blog in 1-50 google SERP as the prove in one/two combine keyword categories,
3. For my personal live, just want a gaming console with a lot of best game of RPG, Fighting, and Action RPG like Final Fantasy series, Tekken series, or Tales series and the most of important is have a time to enjoy it. It's useless if you have it but never have time to enjoy it.
4. Having a good improvement in spiritual live, especially in emotional control, awareness in mind, attitude and act.
5. Sharing best knowledge and other things to you still in this blog :)

I think, that's all for now. So thanks again for visiting this blog.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Everything is Changing

Yes, everything is changing. You must realized that blogspot comment had change. Now you can't put link so easily by choosing other nick for your comment and put links on it. You should used some codes to write and give a backlink to your site and I think it's worse than before. Well, everything that conditions will change someday for sure. But if it change from good to bad, what do it for?

I think, TJ and Mike is right. If I want to be serious in blogging, I should buy a domain, pay a hosting and used blogging like wordpress template. It because when I using a free blog like this, has right to do anything with this blog. If they don't like you, they can kick your butt out of their blogspot. I don't know how long we user will keep survive with this blog, but after this changing, it realy disturb me.

So maybe in couple of month, I will move this blog to a paid blog. For others blogspot user, may all the good happen to us.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Do You Having Fun?

Saturday and Sunday, I have a nice weekend with the internet. The connection is slow, but it doesn't off connection to often. So I can browse the internet peacefully.

When I browsing to Pandi's blog, he is blogging about a lot of contest hold by some bloggers that will gives a lot of presents to the top commentator. Some of them are and Their purposes is giving a reward to their commentators and
also increase popularity. So if you want to get something like t-shirt, mug, flashdisk (depend on bloggers) just go to their blog, follow their post topics, read it and make following comment about it.

For me blogging is for fun, present like that and money is just our bonus reward of blogging. So if I'm not enjoying, I will not do it. My suggestion is enjoy your blogging activitiew and give comment only if you like it. Don't push yourself, just let it flow out of you and maybe as the time flow you will have your rewards.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Free Advertising

For your new site or blog, the most exitement that you can have is having a reader. You can track your reader using a tracking script that provided by tracking company. Then you could know how much is your site/ blog visitor per day/week/month, or you could know where the visitor know your site. If you want an example, you can find here at the bottom of my side. You will see extrem logo or word if you not using advertising block facility. I'm using a free tracker from this company. The good is they are very complete tracker but they are public show that anyone can see my blog tracking (but that's fine by me).

And how to get a visitor, you can use our friend's site here that provide a free advertising at: Indonesian language). They are free advertising that could give you a boost of visitor for your website, or if you want, you can use paid advertising like google adword. But if you could get free ads, try it. If you not satisfy with it, then use paid advertising.

But you must remember, to make your visitor back to your site/ blog, you must make your site enjoyable. Make they likes your site, enjoy it, and remember it. Then they don't have to use a refferal or search engine to find and go to your site. That's how to building a traffic.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Tomorrow is Last Month of year 2007

Yes, tomorrow is the last month in 2007. Is there something you haven't achieve in this year? Or you already finished all your target and objectives? Is it good to wait until 2008 come?

Well for me, there's alot thing I haven't done in 2007 likes; watching movie of Spiderman 3, make money online with pay per post regularly, or have a Nintendo DS, or even finding a woman to be my girlfriend. Well it seems my dream is far away and cannot be finished in this years. But I hope you can achieve your target in this year.

Well, for my Nintendo DS I will wait until january 2008, I hope the TV will soon play Spiderman 3 maybe as newyears tv show special, and for pay per post target should be on February when this blogs has 3 month old. Girlfriend?? I haven't thinking about it as real target even for next year.

About making a plan for next year? I still thinking about how to making $1000/month as my income online + offline. I will working hard to make it true. But right now, I will still focusing my mind in learning about making money with blog, SEO and building a website.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Something's Change

Do you realize it, don't you? It's the "label." I find a code at that can change the view of my blogger's label. I search this tools because I feel my label will grow more and maybe someday it's annoying me or my blogger's reader.

This is good isn't? It's save a lot of space. Well if you want to try this just download your full template just in case if you want to go back to the real one. It's usable for user. Just try it and then you can tell if you like it or not. It's so good that I can't wait to share it with you guys.


My ISP is Sucks

At this end of month, I will have to try not to often browsing sites and doing much internet activity. It because my internet bandwith had over the limit of 1GB quote. Depend in other countries, internet service in Indonesia is expensive. For 1GB internet bandwith, biggest company in internet provider service in Indonesia charging Rp. 200,000.00 or +/- US$ 20.00 and for each MB over bandwith limit will charging Rp 500.00

Right now I have 186 MB over limit. So I have to pay more than Rp 300,000.00 plus tax.
Different from the nominal I have to pay, their service is uncomfortable. In peak time, their internet service is very often to out of connection. I have to restart my modem more than 10 times. I wonder if our friends in other countries ever to feel something like this.

This ISP company has many promotion program like free hotspot and others. I wonder if our true connection access speed is taken just to promote them self so we true paid user can't get our true speed. Maybe that's why we have a lot out of connection.

So, I still waiting to find a new ISP company that can provide more than my current ISP. Hoping it will come soon.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I'm Never Learn Something Like This Before

Two days ago, I had install a new harddisk on my sister's computer. After I plug all the cable, then I start the computer if it's read the new hardware. The computer login into the bios, I press del then I go into bios setup menu. Ok, the bios had read the hardware. So I think there will be no problem. I exit from the bios menu, waiting the computer for Operating System reading. After the OS is ready, I start explore the harddisk on that computer.

Olala, the harddisk is not there. What's going on? Is that something's wrong? I check again the files on each partition and yup, that harddisk is not detected. I check the device manager on computer properties, the harddisk is detected. But why there are no new disk drive?

Then I called my friend about this problem. He said, click right on my computer icon and choose manage, after the new windows is pop, choose disk management. Then choose the new harddisk to made partition on it.

WOW, I never learn something like this before. Years before, I bought a harddisk but my computer already read this harddisk as my new disk storage and not do this thing. It's a new knowledge for me. And because it's good thing, I share to everyone here.

I'm glad to learn something useful, and thanks to my friend Mul :)

Monday, November 26, 2007

To Much Thinking, I Guess?

After visiting my friends at Sunday, my mind is thinking of idea how to making money online. I can't sleep well :( At home it's already past 10 PM, so I went to bed. But even I had slept, I think my mind isn't clear. So hard to not thinking about making money online :P

First of his idea is by building a blog or website that have a lot of traffic and put adsense there. Well, this could be hard I think.

Second is get a task from a pay per post. Well, most of them want blog with PR3, already at least 60 days active, and a good Alexa rank. But I'm very lucky, because this blog was accepted by BV, and get a job even they have to cut the rate. To get a task with real price, I have to wait 'till my blog meet their requirement.

I guess, I choose the second idea. Make a blog with with good rank and lot of traffic because this is a FREE blogs, FREE article, FREE domain, FREE hosting, and makes money from free things is more enjoyable.

Don't you think so?? :)

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Bali is So Hot Today

I don't now if November could be so hot. Usually Indonesia going for rainy season from October to february. But in these 2 weeks Bali is very hot. I heard that Australia is in summer season, but it is miles away. Why Bali get effected?

Oh well, in this hot afternoon, i will want take a nap because i'm too lazy to do anything in this hot weather. Btw if you want some manga about Detective Conan which authored by Aoyama Gosho, you can find the scanlated and translated version at It's not my site and I have no responsible to that site and it's contain, i just find it because I like to browsing and searching things.

But I think no one will reading a detective book in this hot afternoon. So, see you :|

Saturday, November 24, 2007

MP3 Download ??? Did You Taking Too Much Risk ?

A couple of days before, I went to someone blog. There on posted comment, I visit some friends blog. And at one of them I found a crazy thing (I think so). On of them have a site that giving a links to a lot Indonesian Album music MP3 download, this is what I called crazy part1. The crazy part2 is after I check at whois, he doesn't even use any whois privacy. This is why I think he's crazy. Sorry if the owner is upset with my word here.

I don't think the Singer, or the Song Author had allowed people make a copy for their music to mp3 files and provide it to the people to download it for free. So if you (the owner) want to get a lot visitor for making money (by putting advertisement) or to get a famous site that you can sell with higher price, I only could telling you my friend: "you taking to much risk for your life".

There is some better way to get money from advertising on your site or making your site famous without providing an illegal stuff like MP3 download. Well you can provide the links, but don't own the site where you put it. You can also create easy visitor by providing a databased about which site that have a MP3 file to download, and it's a better way.

If you are taking too much risk, the only thing I could say is: GOOD LUCK!!

Adsense Premium Service

What is adsense premium? That's must be the first question that pop-up on your mind, if you are new to adsense making money. The adsense premium is an adsense service that have special treatment from google adsense. It's like can show ads even your language is not english, have a different rate for pay per click, or maybe can choose who are the advertiser that allowed to occure in the advertising page.

How we can apply to get this adsense premium service? Well, it's hard to get adsense premium. Your site must have at least have 20 million content page views per month, and receives more than 5 million search engines. And there's still some requirement that not showed here. If you think that you could to get adsense premium service, you could apply at

This is the benefit as a member of adsense premium service:
*Access to technical and sales support
*A greater variety of customizable ad formats than standard AdSense offers
*Assistance with ad optimization
*Sophisticated filtering options

How to get fulfil the requirement? You should doing much give, give, give to other people who visit your site, like: providing email, forum, giving something special like, wallpaper, phone ringtones, and much more. The more you give, the more people appreciate you, the more people/ visitor come until you get the requirement.
Let's start to give, give, and give :)

My Dream - A Nintendo DS

Since bought SNES and sell it, i haven't buy any console again.Then usually I playing games on my computer. But in Indonesia, the computer hardware and software is too expensive, especially to follow the latest game. So I only playing old games. Now my intend to buy a game hardware is rise again. This time I want a Nintendo DS as the king of handheld of the year. They sales is very high, beating PS2, PS3, XBox, PSP, and other console. I had read a lot of review about it and most of all very satisfaction with their DS. But the only problem is, PS2 is still more cheap and have better graphics than DS. The only problem for PS2 is it doesn't have a battery. So the console need to connected with electricity if you want to play it. It consume a large electricity, and of course need a tv to play with. In Bali, there's sometime we will get a blackout from the electricity company. So I think my choice will be Nintendo DS.

So I search Indonesian online seller that selling NDS package. Whoops, most of them selling DS almost about 2 million rupiah. That's a lot of money there. Of course that's a price for a NDS package with a tools that can used NDS game iso and a micro SD card and also a bonus game on it. After I searching more, I guess I have find the best seller, only different about 100.000 rupiah though but I guess that's fine. Now the best thing I could do is waiting until my money is enough to buy it, and hoping the price is not going up but going down. If the plan don't screw up, I will get my new DS at January 2008 as my new year's present :)

Hope my DS dream could be reality. What's your dream?

Thursday, November 22, 2007

No Follow Tags

Many new blogger doesn't know (even me before) that no follow tags is very important in making backlinks. Most of blog platform like and tag default is no follow tag. This is mean, even you make a comment at blogs that have no follow tag, you won't get a backlink from them. This is facility to prevent spammer get their own site get the backlink and increase their popularity.

So the bloggers use a different way to make a backlinks. They exchange links and make a code to be put on html/javascript widget. You can see the code by seeing the page source using your browser (if you using firefox press ctrl+u). Find the href code. If they using this code to your site, then your site could get a backlinks.

The easyway is to change the "no follow tag" become "follow tag" and every links that occure in your blog even in comment could get backlink easy, and for spammer we could still use verivication code.

I prefer to use the easy way even it's very easy to spam, because I think it's better for new blogger to start with. And I hope this could help you too. Good Luck!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Your Life is Precious

In this world you working for yourself, your family, your environment, and your country. All of that depends on your presence, that’s why I said your life is precious. But in reality, you can’t live forever. As human, our life is too short. And when we leave, all the people who rely on us will have to fight with this life it self, your father, mother, wife, kids or maybe your boss, and many more. What can you do? What present that you can give to them as a final present? Maybe you will understand, that we need to left something valuable as ourself.

Why Insurance? I think we can value ourself with money even it’s not to worth with ourself. Life is more precious than money but we can using insurance money as final present is because money can help the other family to survive. Of course not only the money, but also messege of life, maybe a small store, or more. The money itself could be used for making a business, paying education, and other things.

How to choose insurance company? First look at their policy, some insurance company making policy for different people:

  • Term
  • Whole Life
  • Universal
  • Key man
  • Second to die
  • Group Policies
  • Mortgage
  • Smokers

There are different people with different policies. Each person’s plan should be different, because their risk of life, is also different. Like smokers maybe having more risk to get a heart attack than non smokers. maybe could get you understand about this. By understanding more about policy, you could save money in insurance and reduce premium.

Then you should consider their price too. Important people have their value, their important responsibility that often different with others. A CEO of a business company could be more important than a CEO of non-profitable organization. Before choosing a company you must know what protection they have. You must know how much they care about your life. And you must know that you choosing a reputable company that willing to pay your insurance full as agreement when you leave. A reputable company will not have to much trouble and will not giving you much trouble in paying their clients. It should give you the best coverage option and the best price too, especially also with the online quotes services.

At last, you must know what you need. You shouldn’t buy a coverage that you not used. Compare insurances company to get the best insurance company that suit for you. Some of them will help you to get the maximum advantage of their service. And the best thing you can do is take care your on life. If you not care about your own life, no body will. Take a good healthy food, going exercise, and know what to do for the best of your life. Maybe you can visit to know more about insurance or at least you know that they are there to help you.

See you!

Idea to Exchange Links

Yesterday I play to someone's blog to see what idea can i get from his blog. I think his name is Victor. Soon I get there and read some post, I realized there's something odd with links that occur in his post. This link is not an advertisement links but it's linking to his friends blog. That's a new idea to me. Usually when I see alink in some post usually it's an advertisement, not a link exchange.

So I will try his idea by make links with other blog friends in my post. I will combine a word in my post with links of some friends who makes comment in my blog.

Maybe you can make benefit from it. It's a gift from me. So don't forget to fill your url in your comment :)

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Internet as Powerful Source of Knowledge

In this internet world, we can search any kind of information. Just type the keyword in search engine facility, you can find a lot of information about itu. In example if you search about forex, you will get a lot of information about forex sites, forex broker, free e-book, software freeware, even a published book that illegaly scanned and upload by some people. It's just like a very big library to me. The more specific word that we type at search engine, the more accurate result we could get.

Then, there is some question: "why education could be so expensive when you can get the knowledges so cheap?" Is there some problem with our education program? Why some people willing to pay so high for the education? Is it just to get title so we could get a job with better salary? Or just being controlled by education system? If we not follow the system, maybe many people in education program will be unemployment. Is that a true reason to make us going to school, paid the education and get a job?

The more I search into the net, the more I could get information about anything. And I see a lot of people get money regardless what their education. Maybe they are graduated from a famous school or university, but it's doesn't related with what they do as their job to get their money. The more I see it, even people who teach in education program like school or university makes money online with a way that even doesn't have any relation with their ability as a teacher. So why do we still have to pay so high specially for formal education?

The answer is we pay high for formal education because they transfer education and experience of expert to you as soon as possible. You will get a lot of information and doesn't have to trial and error to get a good result. You can learn with a book, but a book only teach you in small portion of it's topic. The more expert your teacher and the more time that his/her spended in real situation, the more valuable he/she is.

But then there is more question: in example, why should I learn business from my teacher that doesn't even have some business background? they doesn't teach about their experience, or how to put all theories into their practices? If we not learning something from someone that never do that thing, is it effective or just wasting time? If we should learn something from the expert, we don't have to learn from formal education. We should learn it straight from the expert. I think the best answer to this question is: if you can find someone who have ability that you can call him/her an expert and have ability to teach and willing to teach you, then you don't need a formal education.

But the problem is: can we find the right person that have all quality? Mostly not. And a good school that have a high price for it's education should have an expert as their teacher. And that's why until now we need school, and all formal education. The knowledge should be cheap. But the time to learn still expensive. That's how I think.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Want to See Performances in Bali?

Traditional war dance. Word means a line of soldiers. A good baris dancer must be well coordinated and supple. The danve was originally a religious rite, now just dramatic glorification of a Balinese warrior.

Popular among villager, the dance brings a dozen young men and young women together in song and dance. Action ranges from sublime to frenzied.

A most involved solo dance; the performer become infused with the music and must know every instrument intimately. Kebyar Duduk is most popular in southern Balinese village.

Most dramatic of all Balinese dances; 150 men stimulate sounds of gamelan. It’s also called the Monkey Dance becaouse of the drama related to ramayana.

Classical dance of divine nymphs; one of most subtle and beautiful of all dances. Girls learn movements at age 5 and retire in their early teens.

Legong Kraton
This is the most beautiful and popular dance, featuring exquisite costumes and headdresses

Oleg Tambulilingan

Modern dance choreographed for young men and women. It’s cat and mouse play with a happy ending.

Ramayana Ballet
Traditional tales with modern humor; introduced to Bali by Kokar. Conservatory of Instrumental Arts and Dance. Very popular, especially because of the fanciful animals of the forest.

Popular folk opera which begins around midnight and ends in the daylight hours, when the lovers are invariably reunited. This is one of the best.

Barong and Rangda
Typical triumph of good over evil. Barong is a mythical forest creature danced by two young men. As his life threatened, so is the life of the village. Rangda is eventually defeated.

Barong Landung
Giant Barong; considered sacred and can exorcise harmful influences when necessary. Interesting and sometimes raucous performances; giant striding around temple compound.

Tjalon Arang
Story of magic; often performed to appease magical powers of tjalon arang, who keeps the village safe

Mask play; also called chronicle play of Bali. The stories taken from old aristocratic families around the island. Good topeng actors use 30-40 masks and create many diverse characters.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Which Publisher That Will Pay Me?

Hi! Much of my friends told me there are a lot business like google adsense this day. And so much people that have blog or site using them as money source. But not all advertiser are good business, sometime they are scam and won't pay you after you do your job. Beware of those scammer, it's better working together with a good trusted company than a new ones.

So I'm giving you a list that contain a good advertiser that really paid their publisher, they are:

1. Google Adsense
2. Yahoo Publisher Network
3. Chitika
4. Amazon
5. PayPopUp
6. Tribal Fusion
7. EmarketMakers
8. ShareASale
9. FastClick
10. Adtegrity
11. MaxOnline
12. TAF Master
13. AllClicks
14. LeadCrunch
15. Casale Media
16. Commision Junction
17. AzoogleAds
18. Opt-Media
19. LinkShare
20. Adhearus
22. AllPosters
23. Lunar Pages
24. Dark Blue
25. Marketbanker
26. RealTechNetwork
27. LOUDcash
28. RealCast Media
29. Dating-Central
30. CashRing
31. AffiliateFuel
32. ClickXchange
33. Burst Media

34. AdBrite
35. Rydium
36. Primaryads
37. Kanoodle
38. Mamma Media Solutions
39. TargetPoint
40. Gozingnetwork
41. AdSonar
42. Offersquest
43. TrafficParking
44. Ingo Publishing
45. ValueClick
46. TmpExpress
47. Right Media
48. CPA Empire
49. ClickBank
50. Kolimbo
51. Focalex
52. NCSReporting
53. Coverclicks
54. WebSponsors
55. Hurricane Digital Media
56. Global Life Enhancements
57. Yesup
58. TicketsNow
59. Adagency
60. AdservingNetwork
61. ImpressionUP
62. YourSiteBar
63. Ad Jungle
64. VibrantMedia
65. PopUpTraffic
66. Euroclick
67. Zangocash
68. Clicksor
69. SearchFeed
70. US Online Pharmacy
Source: Sitepoint Forum

Saturday, November 17, 2007

What is search engine and free email that I used?

As internet users, most of us using search engine and email. But what is the best search engine and free email service that suit for us? Regarding, most used search engine on the net. They are Google, Yahoo!, MSN, AOL, and ASK. Well, I never use MSN, AOL, and ASK so do not ask me whether they are good or not. And most internet browser are already have google or yahoo search engine in their program.

And for free email service, there are top 3 that often people used. They are Yahoo!Mail, gmail, MSN Hotmail. I'm using yahoo mail and gmail, never tried hotmail. I using them because they are easy to used.

What's yours?

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Making Money Online

This days alot of people talking about making money on the net. They talking about adsense, became affiliate and get comission from sellers, making review about a product or services, paid by clicking advertise or watching, and many more. They talking it in forums, blog, and even they buy a domain and talking it there.

It's not something wrong with that but the most important thing that every reader should know is: "if it's too easy and too good to be true, then it is". Making money in virtual world is not different from the real world. If you put no hard work, you will get less, or nothing. They need patience, hard work, good product, smart work too, and you need giving something. It says, if you giving something, you will get equal value with your give and time. And if you not giving something to your reader or your buyer, you won't receive anything.

So if you want to receive money from the net, why not starting to give anything what you have. It can start by giving search engine you used (like Yahoo or Google), or your free email service, or your free blog service, and anything you have as long you not giving something illegal.


Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Let's Go to Bali - 1

Denpasar, capital of Bali and the largest, busiest city on the island. On “Jalan Wisnu” off Puputan Square, the Bali Museum contains a survey of Balinese art from prehistoric times to the early 20th century: mask, wood-carving, cages for fighting crickets, neolithic stone implements and scale models of ceremonial events. The museum’s architecture combines the two pirncipal edificies of Bali, the temple and the palace-a blending of building styles of North, East and West of Bali. On the right side of Bali Museum is “Jagatnatha”, the biggest temple in Denpasar. It’s used at evening by Balinese people who lives in Denpasar for praying every 1st and 15th of lunar calendar. The Badung Tourist Office, on “Jalan Surapati” is a five-minute walk from Bali Museum. You can ask them about any events taking place in the country. The Sanggraha Kriya Asta Handicraft Centre at “Tohpati” in the suburbs of Denpasar, exhibits all aspects and styles of Balinese crafts. The centre will give you a good feel for the prices you should be paying, as it is government-run and all prices are fixed.

Kuta is ten kilometres (six miles) south of Denpasar. Once a sleepy fishing village, tens of thousands of travellers and package tourists have over the years turned Kuta into a gigantic First World resort. At least four out of every ten visitors here are young, free-spending Australians, their numbers particularly evident during the Australian Summer of December and January. There are no less than ten discos in Kuta, Legian, and Seminyak, each with a distictive atmosphere. Kuta also boasts excellent body surfing, with clear water and top-to-bottombular surf. Kuta and Legian are the fashion capitals of Southeast Asia, with Indonesian, Italian, American and French designers turning seuses, all with conical hats and yellow t-shirts, cruise the beach. From Kuta, tour companies offer inexpensive minibus tours to places all over the island. Legian is an extention of Kuta which is suit to people who want to stay for several weeks or months. It’s good for playground for young surfies and suburbanites. It has good music, cheap food, bicycle rent and repair shop, fashion shops, banks, and dances that opened everyday – “Barong, Kecak and Ramayana dances”.

Sanur, this beach resort area is nine kilometres (six miles) east of Denpasar is crowded with mostly high-priced hotels. It is quieter, safer, more sheltered and expensive than Kuta/ Legian. The area is known for its shrines carved in white coral, its painters, orchestras and operas. Visit the former home-turned-museum of Le Mayeur, the Belgian artist who lived in Sanur from 1932 to 1958, next to the Grand Bali Beach Hotel; it is now run by the government. Sanur has a really fine lagoon, its coral reef stretching hundreds of metres out to sea with tide pools and swaths of sand. Kite-flying competitions are regular events in the “sawah” surrounding Sanur, the monstrous kites need up to six men to get flied.

Bukit peninsula is dry, rough land which connected to the mainland by an isthmus. On the south coast of bali, there is a whole series of ancient sea temples. All pay homage to the guardian spirits of the sea, but the one most popular is Bukit’s Ulu Watu. The temple is perched on a cliff 90 metres (300 feet) above the Indian Ocean, and fisherman come here to pray to the sea goddess for a good catch. The best time to visit is at sunset, when you can watch the sea turtles swimming below in a hundred shades of churning blue/green sea water. From Ulu Watu, there’s a lovely beaches are 45 minutes descent down the cliffs. The surf under Ulu Watu sometimes reaches eight metres (26 feet) in height, one of the best and challenging surf on the island (right now that place called DreamLand Beach). Nusa Dua is where international-class hotels have been built. It has good security and many of international government meetings held there. There’s also beach which provide beach and air games and a boat to Nusa Penida Island for diving and see the beauty of underwater world. On the way back to Denpasar you can visit Jimbaran, where we can eat seafood as dinner and watch nice view, most of all food sold with a good price. Please come at evening and you will enjoy the view as you enjoy your dinner.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

About Bali

Bali is one of beautiful islands in the world. It's located in Indonesian archipelago in southeast asia. Bali has beautiful long green rice field, white sand beaches, thousand artistic Hinduism temples, lot of places to visit, traditional dances, festivals, and friendly people.
Spectacular views of Bali are at it's beaches especially when sunset have made it one of the most visited places on earth. Bali also one of the best beauty and health SPA service in the world. For years, million people around the world have came to Bali. At least, there are one million tourists from foreign countries that came to Bali in 2006. Most of them came from Australia, Japan, Taiwan, China, and Europe.

Bali is the western most island of the lesser Sundas. It has the sometimes tainted distinction of being the most heavily touristed island in the Indonesia archipelago. Bali is also called “Pulau Dewata” ( The Island of Gods) which people believe their island is just a loan from God. It’s an island characterized by 90 miles long beauty full of rice terrace and holy Mt. Agung which is believe as abode of the Hindu’s Gods. Yes, the religion of inhabitants of Bali are primarily Hindu, although Buddhist influences also became the part of it. Bali has almost 20.000 temples, 60 religious holiday a year, and some 2.000 different dance troupes as part of the religion and ceremonies.

Although the island is only 144 kilometres (90 miles) long by 80 kilometres (50 miles) at its widest, you can still get as lost as you want on Bali. There are hundreds of villages which haven’t changed in 60 years. The law which prohibits the building of any structure higher than a palm tree has saved the natural environment.

Want to know more about Bali? Follow my next post. See you!

Eurobeat Music Style

In recent days, I likes eurobeat music especialy Ayumi Hamasaki song. I'm almost listening everyday. Eurobeat is kind of music that have a fast beat that used alot in DDR games and Initial D anime. Most of eurobeat album only sold in Japan. But I found one of Ayumi eurobeat album cassette in other music store. I feel very lucky. So everytime I heared it, my heart feel dance too.

There's a kind of people who share their eurobeat album in the net. You can search it in google search or in blogsearch but I still recommend you to buy it. If you paid for something's good, you will appreciate it more than getting it free.

If you want more information about eurobeat, visit this links Eurobeat . It's not mine so I'm not responsible about that site and it's content, but you still could get a lot information about eurobeat there.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Foreign Exchange as an Online Making Money Opportunity

In this days there alot people talking about forex trading. Sometimes they call it currency exchange trading. It's an opportunity to making money online. Let's talk about it a little.

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I think it's a chance to make a difference in life and working. So I think I will learn it too and I hope I can find my financial freedom from forex trading.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Fried Chicken Recipe


8 pieces chicken wings and marinated
6 cups Crisco Shortening
1 eggs well beaten
2 cups Milk
2 cups Flour
2 teaspoons ground pepper
3 tablespoons salt
1 teaspoon MSG
1/8 teaspoon Garlic Powder
1 dash paprika

Place shortening into the pressure cooker and heat over medium heat to the shortening reaches 400°F. In a small bowl, combine the egg and milk. In another bowl, combine the remaining six dry ingredients. Dip each piece of chicken wings into the milk until fully moistened. Roll the moistened chicken wings in the flour mixture until well coated. In groups of four or five, drop the covered chicken pieces into the shortening and lock the lid. When pressure builds up cook for 10 minutes. (RELEASE TO MANUFACTURER'S INSTRUCTIONS)